JY908-P 多功能无线遥控清障车

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更新:2017-09-21 15:28:19

  JY908-P Multi- function Remote Control Wrecker, with rubber track and diesel engine, is a wireless remote control vehicle. Its remote distance is 2 kilometers and operating endurance are 20 hours. The main functions are excavation, wrecking, rescue, fire fighting, outputting of hydraulic oil and long distance monitoring of disaster site. It is used for traffic accident, building collapsing, stock house fire, channel rescue, hazardous articles transferring to avoid secondary disaster. It can be fast deployed by air transportation, trailer, etc.
作业重量 Operating weight(Tons) 10 无障碍遥控距离Barrie-free remote control distance (m) ≥2000
标准斗容 Standard bucker capacity(m³) 0.2 连续作业时间Continuous operating Hours (h)  ≥20
发动机功率 Engine power(kw) 74 叉举钳提举重量 Clamp lifting force (kg) 2000
液压压力 The hydraulic pressure(MPa) 28 液压镐打击频率 Striking frequency of hydraulic hammer (bpm) 500~1000
行走速度 Travel speed(Km/h) 0~3.5 液压剪外齿破碎力Breaking force of external gears of hydraulic scissor (t) 25
爬坡能力Gradeability(%) 40 水/泡沫炮灭火距离Fire fighting distance (water/foam) (m) 30