JY816-Q 全地形履带式抢险救援工程车

价格:面议 / 辆
更新:2017-09-21 15:28:36

  JY816-Q All Terrain Tracked Emergency Rescue Vehicle is a dual carriage articulated vehicle with both carriage individually power driven. It can be used in the open field for vehicle-rescue service, material hoisting, repairing work, etc., especially under the complex conditions such as mountain field, snow field, meadow, desert, river, beaches, swamp to carry out the emergent repair and safeguard tasks.
  JY816-Q is equipped with the hoisting device, generator unit, pneumatic power take-off, winch and telescopic mast lamp etc.
满载质量 Full mass(kg) 16000 续航能力Endurance (Km) 500
发动机功率 Engine power(kw) 224 克服泥沼、浅滩深度Travelling depth in swamp and mud (m) 1.2
最高公路行驶速度Max.speed on road (Km/h) 60 跨越沟渠宽度With of crossing trench (m) 1.5
最高越野速度Max. speed off road        (Km/h) 25 工作环境温度Operating environmental temperature (℃) -41~46
水中行进速度Max. speed on water (Km/h) 5 适应海拔高度Max. operating altitude (m) 4500