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更新:2014-11-21 09:45:27

 LBF14 流量比例分流多路换向阀,最高执行机构侧压力30Mpa,进油流量175L/min,各换向联处流量120L/min,采用LBF抗流量饱和技术,流量与 负载和压力无关,在执行机构流量需求超过泵提供总流量时,同步减少各联流量。主要应用于小挖机,装载机等。

  LBF22/LBF25 流量比例分流多路换向阀,负载侧最高压力42MPa,额定流量400L/min。采用LBF技术。闭心式回路用于变量泵,有较好的响应特性,负载压力补偿,重复精度高。主要应用于>10吨的挖掘机,履带式起重机,起重机,船舶机械等。

  The LBFTM series of flow ratio distribution load-sensing multiple valve is the company's latest patented product with optimized design which absorbs the world's cutting-edge load sensing technology integrated with the characteristics of hydraulic system of construction machinery at home and abroad. LBFTM (flow ratio distribution) is the company's registered trademark and its product series are checked for bench test and actual operation, comes up to the design requirements for performance indices, and is successfully used in various kinds of hydraulic system of construction machinery. The LBFTM product series feature flow ratio distribution (LBFTM) independent of load pressure, anti-interference, anti-saturation, precision and inching control, excellent ratio property, and high efficiency and energy saving, therefore, it is an ideal product for nationalizing and upgrading construction machinery and heavy-duty equipment. LBFTM product series are widely used in cranes, digging machines, helical diggers, marine machinery and other mechanical devices, especially in multi-structured combination machinery.